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Shop Horror is created by Guy Swillingham.

Guy is an expert on all aspects of High Street Britain's funny shop names. From truly awful, cringe-inducing howlers to genuinely inventive and original shop fronts, he has researched, found and photographed them all. He has also interviewed the shopkeepers in a bid to find the reasoning or madness behind these amusing store fronts.

This quirky quest has taken him on over 4,000 miles through 340 cities, towns and villages across England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. He returned with a photo collection of over 600 shop fronts. Only the very best of these were admitted to the hall of name and shame that is Shop Horror.

When not wearing his anorak, Guy is a TV and radio producer.

Shop Horror is published by Fourth Estate.

To contact Guy with enquiries, shop suggestions or to submit shop photos, please send an email in the first instance to:

Email address

Press enquiries can also be made via the Fourth Estate Press Office on 020 8307 4149.